Principal's Corner

                                                  Mrs. Maria Johnson 

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Dear Parents and Students,

This marks my fourteenth year at Beverlye and sixth year as an administrator. We have much to be thankful for at Beverlye. Our staff and faculty work diligently to provide a safe and caring environment. In addition, we strive for excellence in providing instruction that will prepare our students to meet their goals.

This year our school motto is, “We are striving for excellence.” It is my desire that our students come to understand that they can achieve anything they set their minds to by working hard, making necessary sacrifices, and never giving up on their dreams. This mindset is not easy for adults to maintain let alone middle school students. We will need to work together to support this cause.

Please be mindful that we are developing students who will act responsibly, think critically, and reflect on their behavior. These essential skills will help them in the coming years meet many challenges as they pursue goals, develop relationships, and become an integral part of society.

Yes, we are looking at the big picture…far beyond middle school. Middle school, however, is a critical period of time for students. Therefore, let us all commit to giving our all to the most valuable asset we have in this school…our students!

I commit to working toward the best interest of our students, their families, and our school staff and faculty.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity!


Maria Johnson